Harun Jaradat

Leading IT-enabled change for the betterment of the patient experience has always been Harun’s career passion. Driven to support care providers by identifying new technologies and improving organizational IT systems, he has lead a distinguished 17-year career in Health Information Technology.

In his current role as Director of IT at Capital Health, Harun has revolutionized the organization’s Information Technology systems, enabling the company to partner with global leaders in the IT market and deliver the most innovative health technologies that improves patient outcomes, drives service efficiency and integrates health services around the needs of the individual.

Prior to his role at Capital Health, Harun has led the University Hospital of Sharjah (where he was Head of IT & Medical records) become the first hospital in the UAE to achieve the prestigious HIMSS Level 6 award in electronic medical records adoption.

Previously, as Director of Information technology for King Abdullah University Hospital (a 690 bed facility), Harun participated in implementing the infrastructure and set the direction for their information systems and building the most advanced EMR system at that time in the country.