Capital Health, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is a private integrated healthcare group that operates two healthcare facilities in the UAE: Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH)- a specialty hospital that provides acute and long-term rehabilitation care, along with inpatient, outpatient and home care capabilities; and Health Shield Medical Center (HSMC)- a multi-specialty healthcare facility with outpatient (one-day surgery) capabilities.

Capital Health brings together stakeholders, physicians, clinicians, therapists and nursing staff for the betterment of our healthcare system.

From our CEO

We measure the progress of our efforts against the highest worldwide standards, and those frameworks guide our work. Our activities will focus on three priority areas: improving people's lives with breakthrough medicine, conducting our business with trust and pride, and championing our own people.

- Dr. Mishal Al Kasimi, CEO

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to "be the most trusted private healthcare group in the UAE and be highly respected internationally."

While our vision forms the foundation of our brand, it's the values of our company that carry us forward and translates our vision into measurable actions. Our success remains in how we live our values everyday and share them with our patients and their families.

We are committed to providing all our patients and their families the highest quality medical care leveraging state of the art technologies and garnering the highest standards of clinical talent.

We are Committed

We have a determined outlook in taking pride in our work; we strive to deliver quality in everything we do and balance our passion for excellence with our passion for integrity and responsibility by being committed to improving our patient’s lives and doing so with transparency and respect as our north star.

We are Courageous

We promote an environment where there is courage to do things differently and make the impossible possible. We empower our people to take initiatives, be creative, transform themselves for the better and celebrate the progress of healthcare.

We are Together

We encourage synergy in our culture where collaboration is effective and easy. We transform and deliver the future of healthcare together with an atmosphere of support…for the betterment of our patients' lives.

Our Culture & People

If we take good care of our people, they will, in turn, take good care of our patients.

The biggest contribution to all our achievements comes from our people. Our philosophy revolves around the concept that if we take good care of our people, they will, in turn, take good care of our patients.

We, therefore, place special emphasis on our Capital Health culture and people; throughout the process of integration and growth, we have made it a priority to provide support for our staff and to be active participants in their personal and professional growth.

Our management teams and clinical professionals come from around the globe and bring decades of experience across a diversity of healthcare disciplines. They are dedicated to our patients’ treatment and to delivering on the company vision of becoming the most trusted healthcare providers in the region.

Best HCM practices are deeply rooted in our corporate culture

We believe if we surround ourselves with talented and experienced people and help them advance their skills and capabilities, the company will succeed right along with them.

Attracting outstanding talent

with the right attributes, is key to our growth and to an excellent patient journey. We foster an environment of empowerment and development where people can gain, develop and share their knowledge.

We are committed to Localization and Glocalization

Specific programs to attract, develop, engage and retain top talent are in place, and we offer a wide range of clinical and non-clinical development programs and trainings.

The working environment is healthy and challenging

Fostering open communication to allow our people to grow and be rewarded. We are poised to set new regional standards that will change the way medicine is delivered with the goal of better recoveries for our patients.

Sound Corporate Governance

At Capital Health we want to lead by example by applying international best practices across our business.

That is why we place significant emphasis on governance and transparency; strong corporate governance practices lay the foundation for enhanced general performance. We believe that the role of the Board should complement and support the work of the Executive and Management team, while protecting and growing the shareholder’s interest.

Sound governance practices would help in ensuring long term organizational sustainability by setting structures for decision making processes and by facilitating a free flow of information. Thorough corporate governance is our commitment to upholding accountability and maintaining the trust of the stakeholders we engage with.

Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital and Health Shield Medical Center have their own independent Management Teams responsible for setting their own strategic goals. In this way, they measure the success of their business objectives and are accountable for delivering sustainable performance.

An Executive Forum chaired by the Capital Health CEO and comprising the Directors of each operating entity, meet every month to exchange information and discuss strategy, operational issues, and synergies.

Every entity is held accountable to review and improve business performance, and the committees created within each entity shall adhere to principles of accountability, transparency and integrity.

Championing Social Responsibility

Strengthening our corporate mechanisms to address social responsibility will support our commitment to the community.

In doing so, we hope to transform the healthcare landscape in our region, and to help alleviate the national socio-economic burden for the provision of Rehabilitation care.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility model is our way of ensuring continued commitment to behave ethically and contribute to socio-economic development while improving the quality of life for our workforce, their families and our community at large.

We aim to conduct relevant CSR activities by making the most significant health problems in our society the uppermost priority of our organization.

We are committed to encouraging ethical business practices through transparency and a strong pledge to do what’s right for the community, our patients and their families.

Capital Health CSR Model


  • Ethical hazardous waste management
  • Obsolete equipment disposal


  • Corporate Board and Committees
  • Intellectual Property


  • Easy access to healthcare
  • Protection of patients records and privacy
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Workforce training, developing and retaining
  • Implementing ethical codes of conduct
  • Ethical and fair marketing
  • Supporting community and neighborhood programs

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Capital Health


  • Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Health Shield Medical Center

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